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Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast Reconstruction

The decision to undergo breast reconstruction surgery is an incredibly personal experience that should involve the most experienced and qualified physicians. Breast reconstruction requires making decisions that can conjure up many emotions, but a talented and compassionate surgeon can sensitively guide you through the process. Dr. Humberto Palladino understands the critical choices that someone considering breast reconstruction is faced with and the emotional impact of undergoing this procedure. He approaches all of his breast reconstruction cases with utmost care and respect to deliver an optimal surgical journey.

Breast Reconstruction Options

Breast reconstruction is usually a multi-stage outpatient procedure that takes place at our accredited surgical facility or at the hospital. The process can begin at the same time as a mastectomy procedure, or it can be delayed until you have healed from your mastectomy and recovered from any additional cancer treatments.

Preparing for Your Surgery

Patients are advised to quit smoking at least six weeks before their scheduled breast reconstruction procedure. You must also avoid eating or drinking for at least eight hours before your surgery. It is recommended to wear a loose-fitting shirt, preferably a button-up top, to your surgical appointment. After arriving at the facility, you will be led to the pre-operative suite so that Dr. Palladino can prepare you for surgery. All breast reconstruction patients must make arrangements for someone to transport them to and from their appointment.

Preparing For Your Surgery

Breast Reconstruction FAQs

  • Am I a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery?

    If you are considering breast reconstruction, you should be in generally good health and have realistic expectations about the procedure. It is important to consult with your oncologist and a board-certified plastic surgeon before scheduling your surgery. Breast reconstruction may be beneficial if you:

    • Wish to restore your sense of femininity
    • Want to feel more confident in your appearance
    • Desire a more symmetrical and natural breast aesthetic
  • What can I expect from my recovery after breast reconstruction?

    The recovery timeline after breast reconstruction surgery depends on the techniques used during the procedure. You can expect some drowsiness, discomfort, bruising, and swelling, but following all of the recommended aftercare instructions can help minimize these side effects. Wearing compression garments and taking pain medication prescribed by Dr. Palladino can make your recovery more comfortable. Most patients can resume driving once they no longer need to take narcotic pain medication.

  • Will breast reconstruction surgery result in scars?

    While Dr. Palladino performs breast reconstruction with meticulous care and attention to detail, there is always a risk of scarring. The severity of the scarring depends on the desired extent of correction, individual healing capabilities, and whether it is performed during or after a mastectomy procedure. Most women who undergo breast reconstruction report that the emotional and physical benefits of this surgery are worth the chances of developing scars, especially because scarring tends to fade over time.

  • Will health insurance cover my breast reconstruction surgery?

    Because each breast reconstruction is personalized to meet the patient’s unique aesthetic desires, the price will vary. Many health insurance companies provide full or partial coverage for the cost of this procedure, which can be determined at your consultation appointment.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconsgtruction

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