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Are Breast Implants Dangerous?

Posted April 24, 2014 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

We’ve all heard the stories of acquaintances that have gone through breast augmentation surgery and suffered from a freak accident, such as leaking breasts or having them flattened, etc. These are just a few moderate concerns that you may have if you are considering getting breast implants:

  • What if my breasts leak?
  • What if I can’t breastfeed?
  • What if I lose the sensation in my nipples?
  • What if my implants bust or rupture?

Rest assured, if you have a great surgeon to perform the breast augmentation surgery, then the chances of any adverse circumstances are rather slim. In fact, there may be measures you can take to prevent any adverse side effects. Not smoking for at least two weeks prior to and after your breast augmentation is one preventative measure, since smoking can lead to blood clots. Especially after having anaesthesia. Also, trying to put too much strain on your body after surgery could lead to tearing or bleeding, so listen to the doctor and follow the advice he gives you as closely as possible.

Breast Augmentation and 3D Vectra 

Dr. Humberto Palladino is an award-winning plastic surgeon in South Florida who performs breast augmentation using the latest technology. His patients receive the highest peace of mind and assurance that the breast implants and procedure will happen smoothly. The 3D Vectra enables you to see an example of how you will look after getting breast augmentation, which can help you to determine the size of the implants. One concern of many patients is whether the implants will make their breasts look too big or too small for their physical proportions, so the Vectra 3D technology helps to make the decision a lot easier. You can “see” it before you commit to the size of your implants!

Despite the best of all intentions, there are a marginal, fractional percentage of patients who could experience a variety of possible complications after getting implants. However, keep in mind that there is more risk in driving to work than there is in getting breast augmentation surgery.

What are the risks with breast implants?

As with anything, there may be complications to consider. Some, such as lumpy or asymmetrical breasts, are not too common but even those can often be corrected without having to endure another procedure. Here are some other possible dangers:

  • Breast Pain: Although after surgery your breasts may be sore, if you have pain in the nipple or breast region for a prolonged time, then call your doctor.
  • Deflating breast implants: Particularly in saline breast implants, if a valve leaks from a tear or rupture, it can cause the implant to collapse.
  • Inflammation: If you get an infection or the skin takes longer to heal, it can cause additional soreness and swelling.
  • Rupture: Your breast implant could get a rip or hole in it, although rare.
  • Unsatisfactory Size: After your breast implants are installed, occasionally some patients express discontent with the shape or size being either too big or too small. With our Vectra 3D imaging, you can see what it will look like beforehand so this most commonly happens at plastic surgery centers that are not able to show you using the 3D imaging.
  • Wrinkling: Also known as a ripple, this is caused when the breast implant can be seen or revealed through the skin.
  • Fluid: The technical term is called seroma, when the implant collects extra fluid that can lead to pain, swelling or bruising. A surgical drain can be performed.
  • Decreased nipple sensation: Some women say they lose feeling in their nipple area or when breastfeeding.
  • Ability to breastfeed: There are women who say they can still breastfeed after getting breast augmentation, but some cannot. This is due to having the glands that produce breast milk altered.

No matter what your concerns, Dr. Palladino and his staff will make you feel as comfortable as possible and will answer your questions honestly. Just like any type of surgery, there are always risks involved, however please know that Dr. Palladino has completed hundreds of successful breast augmentations.

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