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Breast Reduction: The Correlation Between Back Pain and Breast Size

Posted August 20, 2014 in Breast Reduction

For women who are well-endowed, there may be reason to believe that having big breasts can cause back pain. Particularly those with breast sizes of “D” cup or larger, the upper back region, including the neck and shoulders, may at times be sore as a result of carrying all of that extra weight.

Are Big Breasts Weighing You Down?

Although some women wish for large breasts, many women who have big breasts do find a lot of pain and discomfort. Your spine is strong and can serve as a stem to support your upper torso, however this can be a blessing and a curse for women who are large chested. Breast reduction surgery is a good solution for women who do have a lot of back pain. Getting breast augmentation or reduction can make you feel much better and can also help to improve posture, speed and stamina.

Aside from having breast reduction, some of the temporary solutions to alleviate back pain caused from large breasts include exercise, physical therapy, medication, massage and chiropractic services, or custom-fitted bras and sports bras. These help to manage and support the weight, whereas having no support will simply enhance or aggravate the back pain caused by having large breasts.

Dr. Palladino can help you determine whether breast reduction surgery will help to improve your back pain as a long term solution. Contact the office to get an assessment.

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