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Can I Still Have Children After a Mommy Makeover?

Posted May 07, 2014 in Mommy Makeover

As we approach Mother’s Day this coming weekend, this is the time of year that many women consider “Mommy Maintenance” for the upcoming bikini season. For women who have experienced the joys of pregnancy and childbirth, but who may have difficulty in getting their “pre-baby” bodies back, the Mommy Makeover idea may sound ideal. If sagging breasts, stubborn belly fat or unsightly fat deposits have left their mark on your once-stunning beach body, then getting a Mommy Makeover is a really great way to overcome these problem areas.

First of all, what is a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Humberto Palladino uses modern techniques to remove unwanted cellulite on the tummy, hips, thighs, and breasts, and in other areas as requested in the consultation phases. Every woman’s body is different; therefore some women only need to target specific regions for the combination of liposuction and surgery that is performed during a Mommy Makeover.

It is important to go through with the consultation process to talk in confidence with Dr. Palladino, who is very compassionate, witty and friendly. He is a five-star plastic surgeon and multiple award recipient, so he is also highly qualified to do the best job for all of his patients. The easiest way to know if you are a good candidate is to talk to him. One of the biggest questions he answers is from young women who want to get a Mommy Makeover, but who fear they will be unable to have more children later on down the road. How does having more children affect the work that Dr. Palladino has done?

Should you have any more kids after a Mommy Makeover?

Getting a Mommy Makeover does not affect your ability to conceive children, obviously. However, if you do plan on having any more children in two to five years, you should probably wait. Recovery time is the key to bouncing back faster, but having to go through the surgery once instead of twice or more is definitely a plus. Getting a tummy tuck, breast lift or lipo requires a minimum of seven to ten days of healing before you can even go back to work, and longer if you have any physical labor requirements at your job. Examples include lifting, stretching, pulling, or being on your feet all day, which can be demanding enough on your body but after a Mommy Makeover your body needs time to heal. A desk job is ideal, yet it is recommended that you remain cautious and take your time. It depends on how much surgery is needed, which varies from one woman to the next.

With that knowledge, if you do not plan on having any more children, you can go ahead and book your Mommy Makeover right away and take precautions so as not to get pregnant. However, if you think you may want more kids within the two to five year time frame, then hold off for now until afterwards. And if you are a young mother who does not want any children (right now) but think you might want another child or two when you are in your later child-bearing years, then you can go ahead and get a Mommy Makeover now and enjoy the benefits for years to come until you are ready to give birth again someday.

Should you get a Mommy Makeover while the kids are young?

Some mothers also fear that they will be unable to lift or attend to their children if they get a Mommy Makeover when they are still very little. Babies, toddlers and even young children are more understanding than you realize. As long as you have help with the lifting part, you should be a great candidate for a Mommy Makeover. Be careful to get enough rest and healing time. Do not overexert your body or there are risks involved that could set you back. Risks such as sutures tearing, bleeding, and other factors come into play if you do not follow Dr. Palladino’s instructions.

How long after having a baby can you get a Mommy Makeover?

After you have a baby, it does take your body time to get down to its normal proportions again. Try to lose some of the “baby body fat” before the surgery and hold on to at least three or four months of stable weight before you jump into the surgical process. People understand that you just had a baby, so you do not need to jump the gun for vanity’s sake. Getting a Mommy Makeover is something you should do for yourself, not because anyone has pressured you into doing it. We recommend waiting at least six months before considering the Mommy Makeover, but that does not mean you will be ready in six months. It might take some women up to a year before their bodies are fully back down to pre-baby condition, and some never do.

Even through this advice, there are exceptions since every woman is different. Please do not eat more or stop watching your diet and weight just because you know you will get a Mommy Makeover someday. The healthy way to do it is to eat right, exercise and feel good about your decision as a way to enhance your body, not as a way to lose the weight entirely.

If you have any questions about getting a Mommy Makeover, schedule a visit with Dr. Palladino today. Call us at (866) 624-7874 today!

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