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3 Different Techniques for Hair Transplants

Posted August 06, 2014 in Hair Restoration, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

As men age, they may experience thinning hair or baldness. While some men opt to shave their head altogether, for those who prefer the look of having a full head of hair, this problem may be more difficult to accept. Some men simply look better with hair, either because of the shape of their head or because they feel more confident having hair. Other men like their hair because it keeps their head warm and more comfortable. Still others just don’t have time to perform the ritual of daily shaving their heads, which can be a hassle to maintain.

For those who do experience hair loss, it can be disappointing. They may feel a lack of self-esteem or even have less focus. They may feel less confident when approaching members of the opposite sex, especially for single men.

Fortunately, with today’s evolving technology and opportunities, there are some very great solutions for men who wish to transform their balding heads.

3 Hair Restoration Solutions to Consider for Hair Loss

1. FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation

Also called the “Strip Method”, the FUT hair transplants are one of the most common types of hair replacement. The plastic surgeon takes a thin strip of follicles from a donor area and then sews them back together to ensure that no visible gaps are present. In this manner, they are well hidden by the surrounding hair. The hair growth returns in small clusters which contain between 1 to 3 hair follicles. A pattern is made by harvesting grafts, which is similar to skin grafting except with hair.

2. PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma It may sound rather vicious, but PRP is a reasonably effective solution for hair loss. It works by using a patient’s own blood, which is injected into specific points on the scalp to stimulate hair growth in dormant areas, while enhancing tissues and follicle growth underneath the skin. Because the plasma comes from the patient’s own body, there are no foreign allergens or chemicals, making it one of the most natural types of hair regrowth methods.

3. FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction This is a meticulous type of hair transplant solution that requires the surgeon to extract each follicular unit from the patient’s donor area, one unit at a time. Similar to FUT, the clusters host 1, 2 or 3 follicular units but are then grafted to the scalp individually. This is a better solution for men who prefer short hair styles, such as military cuts, buzzes, or for guys who have already sustained hair transplants in the past and now have less hair to extract from the donor areas.

While the emphasis on hair loss most often occurs in men, females do experience hair loss for a variety of reasons. Some women have thinning hair as they age, due to extreme hair product use, excessive coloring or perming, or due to hormonal and thyroid problems, as well as other issues. Whether you are a man or woman considering cosmetic hair replacement strategies, come see Dr. Palladino today.

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