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Plastic Surgery for Men: Not Just for Women Anymore

Posted June 11, 2014 in Male Breast Reduction Surgery, Male Plastic Surgery

As society no longer has a stigma against plastic surgery, more men these days are choosing to have cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks. From hair transplant surgeries to breast reduction – also known as gynecomastia – to laser or facial procedures, men are no longer afraid to visit a plastic surgeon to preserve their appearance.

It appears that this trend is also true in other countries. In South Korea, for example, one reason for the growing numbers of men seeking plastic surgery was to boost their competitiveness and to improve confidence.

What is an “Executive Makeover?”

Just in the United States, as many as a million men each year decide to get plastic surgery. In South Florida, Dr. Palladino has seen more men coming into his office for consultations, especially those in the business world.

“Men are now realizing the benefits of cosmetic procedures for men, such as improved confidence and better relationships,” stated Dr. Palladino. He is a board-certified and award winning plastic surgeon based in South Florida.

An Executive Makeover is an industry term that is used to describe a man who wants to improve his appearance with plastic surgery, either by way of non-invasive or surgical procedures, for the sake of furthering his career. From the sales floor to the big offices, men seeking plastic surgery can find easy ways to have an Executive Makeover, without spending a lot of time recovering. Laser facial procedures can often be done as an outpatient procedure and need only a day or two of recovery time, whereas a facelift may require six weeks to heal. Hair transplants can be done in multiple sessions, but men must time their hair transplants to a time of year that they will be less vulnerable to the sun or UV rays. Other types of men’s procedures, such as breast or chest reduction, liposuction or tummy tucks are also now done on men, whereas their female counterparts have enjoyed the benefits of plastic surgery for many years.

If you are a man considering plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures in South Florida, call Dr. Humberto Palladino to get answers to your questions. You may be relieved to know that throughout most areas of the US, plastic surgery is just as much accepted by men now as it has been with women. And honestly, why not?

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