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Waste Not, and Use It Now

Posted August 07, 2018 in Fat Transfer

For many of us, mornings begin by looking in the mirror, wishing we could magically make some areas on our bodies smaller and others areas larger. A firm abdomen, a narrow waist, a lifted and more rounded backside, defined calves, and ideally shaped and sized breasts are all body traits that people desire. Fat transfer allows these desires to become realities by removing the fat you don’t want and using it to augment other areas of your body that could use a little more size and definition.

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What Is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is a two-step procedure. First, liposuction is used to remove unwanted pockets of fat. This fat typically comes from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and upper arms to result in firmer, trimmer, and more sculpted areas. The fat removed is then purified and prepared for injection into the target areas. Candidates for fat transfer need to have enough donor fat on their body to use for the transfer. Recovery for fat transfer is minimal, and complications are rare as nothing unnatural is added to your body.

What Can Fat Enhance?

The Chest

Fat transfer can be used to enhance the chest areas for both men and women. For women, fat transfer can be used in place of breast augmentation to increase the size and shape of the breasts without adding foreign implants into the body. For men, fat transfer can enhance the chest and create the appearance of pectoral muscles.

The Buttocks

One of the most common uses of fat transfer comes with the enhancement of the derrière. Adding fat to the buttocks, a procedure known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, adds volume, shape, and a lifted quality that will be evident in any bathing suit, dress, or pair of shorts that you choose to wear this summer.

The Hips

Many women strive to achieve the timeless hourglass figure. Fat transfer is an ideal way to reach this physique as it uses liposuction to tighten up and slim the abdomen and waist while using that same fat to enhance the hips. This procedure results in a classic and aesthetically pleasing feminine contour.

The Calves

Men spend countless hours at the gym to achieve definition in the calves. Unfortunately for some men, their genetics don’t allow for toned calves, no matter how hard they work. If this sounds familiar, then fat transfer to the calves can finally provide the calf definition you’ve desired without you having to spend all that time working for it.

The Face

While most of us naturally gain a little fat on our bodies as we age, we lose fat and fullness from our faces. Unfortunately, it is facial fat that contributes to our youthful appearance. To restore youthful contours, fat transfer to the face can return definition and fullness to the cheeks, laugh lines, and deep creases.

To learn more about how fat transfer can improve your aesthetic, contact Dr. Palladino today to set up a consultation. Call our office at 866-624-7874.

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