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What Breast Size is Best for Me?

Posted July 16, 2014 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

If you are unhappy about your breast size, shape or have experienced sagging due to child bearing or aging, you may be considering plastic surgery solutions to solve these issues. If so, how do you know which breast size is best for you?

Some women feel insecure about their breast size, thereby affecting their comfort level in skimpy or revealing clothing. They may try to hide under baggy blouses or wear bathing suits that hide their breasts. Wouldn’t it be nice to have breasts you can be proud of and that fit comfortably in bras and tight apparel?

Knowing which breast size to choose may come down to a matter of personal preference, but you just need to know where to start.


Dr. Humberto Palladino confers with female clients to help them determine the best breast size according to their height, weight, size, proportions and other factors. These top notch, award-winning professionals use two different systems for sizing female breasts.

  1. Vectra 3D System: Our revolutionary 3D system allows you to see realistic previews of “before” and “after” breast augmentation. This technology is so advanced; it will feel almost as if you were looking at yourself in the mirror with authentic proportions for your individual breast shape and body structure.
  2. Sizing System: This is a common method at many plastic surgery centers, but Dr. Palladino uses a unique sizing system with a variety of shaped implants that you can put on to get a feel for the weight and look while wearing clothing.
  3. Doctor Recommendation: In addition to both of these methods, our award-winning plastic surgeon, Dr. Humberto Palladino, has performed hundreds of breast augmentations. He is on point with his recommendations to help you choose the most accurate breast augmentation size for breast implants.

By using all of these various methods, Dr. Palladino has perfected the art of helping women to choose the most realistic and accurate breast size for breast implants. Patient satisfaction is very high when it comes to sizing and performance. Our team has been awarded with numerous accolades. Our high emphasis on customer service helps our patients to achieve the best breast size and most realistic outcome possible.

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