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How Does Lifestyle Impact Your Implant Choices?

Posted June 14, 2018 in Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation through implants is a procedure that many women jump at the chance to have, and that’s what makes it the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery year after year. Women who undergo breast augmentation through implants, no matter their age or stage of life, have one thing in common: They want to enhance the […]

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Recover Before Summer

Posted May 28, 2018 in Breast Augmentation, Butt Augmentation, Tummy Tuck Surgery

While plastic surgery is desired year-round, it’s not uncommon for patients to use “looking good for summer” as their final goal. Between the bikinis, shorts, and dresses designed for the Florida sun, summer is that particular time of year for showing off your body. Given that looking good on the beach is a constant request […]

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Trouble Breathing Through Your Nose?

Posted April 09, 2018 in Rhinoplasty

As a plastic surgery staple, nose surgery is often thought of for aesthetic reasons. However, this procedure, also known as rhinoplasty, can address functional problems as well as aesthetic concerns like humps, wide bridges, and flared nostrils. Many people are faced with nasal concerns that go far beyond the appearance of their nose; instead, their […]

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Get Washboard Abs Without a Gym Membership

Posted March 12, 2018 in Liposculpting

Having washboard abs is a goal for many men. The desire for abs is what motivates them to show up to the gym every morning or after work and lift weights or do cardio. However, even with dedication and a lot of sweat, that six pack is easier said than done. And for some men, […]

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How to Tone Weak and Flabby Upper Arms

Posted February 08, 2018 in Brachioplasty

The upper arms are one of the most susceptible areas on our bodies to have loose, sagging skin, and excess fat deposits. The arms are often tough to tone, especially as you age, which may leave you feeling a little self-conscious about their appearance. If you feel as though you constantly have to cover your […]

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Am I a Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Posted January 11, 2018 in Breast Reduction

Any woman who has excessively large and heavy breasts may be a candidate for breast reduction. While some women who fit this description may have no complaints about their breasts, many others consider their oversized breasts to be a physical, emotional, and psychological burden. Breast reduction surgery can help women be more comfortable in their […]

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How to Get Natural-Looking Facelift Results

Posted December 20, 2017 in Facial Rejuvenation

The purpose of facelift surgery is to rejuvenate the appearance so that you can look like a younger version of yourself. The results of a facelift should look so natural that your peers cannot tell you’ve had surgery. You can avoid overly stretched, unnatural-looking facelift results like the celebrity Mickey Rourke by coming to MagicSurgeon […]

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The Best Way to Combat Holiday Weight Gain

Posted December 08, 2017 in Fat Transfer

This time of year, the parties, feasts, and holiday goodies can become your best friend or your worst enemy—or both. Enjoying the delicious holiday foods and beverages may be sweet at the moment but bitter the next day when you see that your pants can no longer zip up all the way. Here are some […]

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Is Liposuction Really Permanent?

Posted October 11, 2017 in Liposuction

Candidates for liposuction frequently wonder whether they can trust the claim that liposuction results are permanent. Is this procedure something that can genuinely improve your body contours and eliminate unwanted fat forever? The truthful answer is indeed YES, but it is up to the patient to maintain his or her post-liposuction weight to be able […]

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Should I Get Open or Closed Rhinoplasty?

Posted September 11, 2017 in Rhinoplasty

When you go in for nose surgery, your surgeon will typically use either an open or a closed technique. The right rhinoplasty technique for you will be based on your preferences and needs. MagicSurgeon Dr. Humberto Palladino will help you choose between open and closed rhinoplasty so that you can look forward to the best […]

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