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Which Is Better: Breast Lift or Implants?

Posted May 03, 2017 in Breast Implants, Breast Lift

Woman Holding BreastsBreast implants enhance the breasts by improving breast size, volume, and shape. Breast lift surgery enhances the breasts by improving breast shape, position, and firmness. If you would like to enhance your breasts, either breast lift surgery, breast augmentation, or a combination of both could be the perfect solution for your needs and desires.

How Breast Implants Can Enhance Your Breasts

Breast augmentation surgery uses implants to boost breast size. Implants come in a variety of materials, textures, shapes, sizes, and profiles, and results can vary drastically depending on the type of implants selected as well as the patient’s body frame and natural breast tissues. Many women choose to get implants because they desire a larger bust size as well as shape correction. While not inherently designed to correct breast sagging, breast augmentation using over-the-muscle implant placement can give a slight lift to women who have minor sagging. Those with moderate to severe sagging will need breast lift surgery. Breast implants can be used to help women achieve larger and shapelier breasts.

How a Breast Lift Can Enhance Your Breasts

Breast Lift Before and After PhotosBreast lift surgery tightens sagging breast tissue to correct breast shape, position, and firmness. Most women who desire a lift have been victims of the sometimes negative side effects associated with pregnancy, nursing, aging, weight loss, or genetics. All breasts ultimately sag over time due to gravity, but the degree of sagging can vary greatly. For women with moderate to severe breast sagging, a breast lift can significantly improve the appearance of the breasts. This surgery corrects sagging so that the breasts look perkier, firmer, and more youthful.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Breast Lift With Implants

Women who can’t decide between these procedures and who desire larger and more youthfully lifted breasts can have the best of both worlds. The solution is a breast lift with implants, in which breast lift surgery is performed and implants are inserted to correct sagging along with restoring volume and fullness. This procedure is an excellent choice for women with moderate to severe sagging who also have volume loss due to breast deflation following pregnancy and nursing. Ideal candidates may also be women who have always had smaller breasts but whose breasts are now sagging and could benefit from both surgical techniques. With a combined breast lift and augmentation, women can achieve a youthful, perky, full, and curvy bustline.

Whether you ultimately choose to get breast implants, a breast lift, or both depends on your desires and your unique anatomic realities. Magic Surgeon Dr. Humberto Palladino can discuss your needs and goals with you to determine the best procedure for you. To request your personal consultation, please call (866) 624-7874 or complete our online contact form today.

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